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Contemporary Romance Author

Madelaine Grant

About Me

I’ve been a voracious reader from the moment I could open a book and read it by myself. As a child I followed the adventures of Nancy Drew and marveled at the sci-fi wonders of H. G. Wells’s characters. But my favorite form of relaxation nowadays is romance fiction.

 I always had a secret yearning to write my own books. My first attempts were writing children’s books which I wrote and illustrated. After many rejections I gave up on that idea. Then I tried cozy mysteries. That didn’t fly either.  I joined the Romance Writers of America and my local chapter, Tampa Area Romance Authors, and began writing in the romance genre. Believe me, it was not easy. I learned that persistence is key and rejections are not to be taken seriously. My first break in getting published was meeting an editor who worked for True Confessions magazine. I finally pitched her an idea and wrote it up. She liked it and I eventually sold her four more stories plus another story she rejected which I revised and sold to True Story magazine.  I sold another short story to Arabella magazine and even signed a contract with them. Unfortunately they went out of business before they could publish it. Then I wrote two erotic novellas and sold them to Extasy Books.

Now I’m writing more mainstream love stories but they still have a sensuous touch. I love the sparks that fly between my characters and the many twists and turns a romance can take. Recently Soul Mate Publishing accepted a contemporary romantic comedy, “A Total Mismatch”, which will be released shortly. This is my first full-length novel and I’m very excited about its publication.