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Contemporary Romance Author

Madelaine Grant

My Demon Lover

        At thirty-seven Marley Granville hasn’t dated in eons and spends Saturday nights eating chocolates and watching rented romance videos.  All this changes when she meets her ‘demon lover’, Damian.  His passionate lovemaking fills the void in her life transforming her usually routine existence into one of excitement and adventure.  She begins to meet men who are attracted to her.  During one of these encounters she falls for her older sister’s fiancé, Ian Blake.  Ian’s uncanny resemblance to Damian is astounding.  Is this man related to her demon lover?  And will Ian’s attraction to Marley persuade him to break his engagement to Andrea?  Or will he marry Andrea and keep Marley as a ‘tasty morsel’ on the side?

        The highlight of Marley Granville’s week is her Saturday night shopping spree to select the chocolates for the evening’s solitary viewing of a rented romance video.  One moonlit night all this changes.  Marley is carried off by a darkly handsome man with supernatural powers.  Damian’s passionate lovemaking transforms her routine life into one of excitement and adventure where her dreams of finding her one true love are finally realized.

My Demon Lover – A story of one woman’s transformation through sexual awakening and how her routine life turns into one of adventure and excitement.  Is a chocolate truffle more satisfying than a man?  Marley Granville seems to think so.  She spends Saturday nights with a pound box of chocolates and a rented romance video.  She’s in for a surprise, though, when a darkly handsome man with supernatural powers carries her off for a night of passionate lovemaking.  Damian, her demon lover, brings Marley to a sexual awakening that transforms her routine existence into one of excitement and adventure.

A Review by Wanda Maynard

“A romance filled with heated, wild passion. Be in readiness for an explosion of pure desire that will send your soul soaring to a higher plane. I didn’t even want to abandon the book long enough to consume food. The question "what is about to happen next?" stayed on my mind from page to page.

Have you ever been on a roller-coaster journey that seemed to endlessly take your breath away as you go straight down for a long period of time, and then let you catch your breath at last, only to have your stomach caught in your throat as you exhilarate upward to an all time high? Well, MY DEMON LOVER will capture you and keep you off guard that way. The sensuality of how the chance meeting occurred is impressive, and brought about an excellent experience of emotions.

This is my first time reading any of Madelaine Grant’s work. The fast paced, and just a slight twist of suspense she uses in her style of writing, fashioned the book to an even more invigorating read. I was lost in the reverie from beginning to end. The way she prepared the level of movement from scene to scene helped the story to abound. Can’t wait to read more of her pleasing arrangement of talent.”