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Contemporary Romance Author

Madelaine Grant

My Virtual Lover


            What if you could design your ideal lover?  The year is 2025.  Val Anders, co-owner of an upscale New York City art gallery, is frustrated and lonely.  Her lover, Tony Chapman, is a workaholic, busy traveling the world to find lucrative business ventures. Tony, aware of Val’s feelings, has the perfect solution.  He conspires with Val’s best friend, Trish Lewis, to find out what Val wants in an ‘ideal man’.  Then, unknown to her, he produces Peter Flynn.  Peter, the most advanced humanoid robot ever designed, has been programmed to satisfy Val’s every desire.  He sweeps her off in his jet to explore exotic locales around the globe.  His superb lovemaking techniques fill the sexual void in her life.  Val’s guilt at her infidelity is overshadowed by her anger at Tony for deserting her.  What will happen when Tony returns?  Can a ménage a trois be the answer?  Or can Val be satisfied with only one lover?